Becoming a Better Entrepreneur

Ok, so it's 1:10am as I write this.  I'm in Dallas Texas right now on a job for a client.  Tomorrow I have a big shoot and as usual its so hard for me to fall asleep in a hotel.  

I've been cycling through the 30 channels on the tv that are available, but still I can't go to sleep.  So I decided to be productive and write this post.  

Speaking of productive, it has been a pretty productive day.  I ran a few miles, went exploring a city I have never been to.  Which I recommend you do.  Go to an unfamiliar city and don't use your GPS.  Just drive and try to find something.  It's terrifying and kind of fun.  

Back to my day.  

About a year ago, I had a great routine going.  I was waking up around 5am.  Getting to the gym, and running about 5-10 miles a day which are a lot for me! Then after that going home and meditating.  Eating a good breakfast and getting to the studio around 8ish.  It felt great.  I would dare say that I got more done before 9am than a lot of people got done all day.  But life happens.

I had a bit of a strain on my business relationship that I'm sure I will get into in depth later, but that really threw me off my routine.  

It's funny how you can get into a great routine, but when you fail a handful of times its so much harder to get back into that routine.  

It's taken me about a year.  Today was the first time in a while that I woke up around dawn and went for a morning run.  It felt great.  It's about those decisions we make that roll into our business.  After the run, I went and talked logistics about the shoot tomorrow with the team.  I started doing research for a business is starting up soon (more details to come...) I started reading two new books and started doing a lot of audio mixing research.  

The point it, yes life sucks sometimes, and yes it gets hard.  You will lose friends, lose money, and maybe even lose hope.  But I can tell you this.  You will make new friends and if you want to and really try to mend those hurt friendships, you will make more money and take the time to look back and figure out why you lost that money, to begin with.  And the big one is hope.  Let's go back to the sun.  When life gets shitty you might start waking up a little later, the day gets shorter, you don't get stuff done, and things start to pile up.  This was my situation.  I felt hopeless.  There is something that pushes you when you beat the sun.  When you start attacking the day before that light kisses the ground. 

Don't let an excuse get in your way of success.  You have to be willing to work harder than the next guy.  To that the good with the bad, and to never give matter how dark it gets.  

Just remember it's always darkest before the dawn.

Til next time,